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More About Reiki Trainings

What will I learn in Reiki training?

  • In Reiki I, you will learn about the history and intention of traditional Reiki, also known as Usui Reiki Ryoho. You will also learn how to give Reiki energy to yourself for personal healing and how to give Reiki directly to another person. You will learn the traditional hand positions used for self-healing and to give Reiki to others.

  • In Reiki II, you will learn the traditional Reiki symbols, their meaning, and how to use them in a Reiki session. You will also learn how to give a Reiki session to a person who is not in the same location as you, also known as "distance Reiki."

  • In Reiki III, you will learn how to teach traditional Reiki to others and how to give an attunement, the essential element for connecting to healing energies and passing it to yourself and others.

Where are the teachings held? I teach Reiki classes on Zoom. My students have found this to be effective. Why am I offering Reiki teaching? I believe that no one should suffer, and if you can learn a technique that is natural, effective, and simple, then it is my responsibility as a healer and a healing facilitator to teach you this practice.

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