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"A prayer that I do with my hands to bring comfort and peace."

Reiki Sessions and Reiki Trainings

For Individuals, Families and Friends, and Healthcare Agencies

Julie Martin Green, Reiki Master
Usui System of Natural Healing


Reiki Sessions

Do you want an effective, relaxing experience that is convenient? Healing energy follows intention no matter where the person sending the energy is located relative to the person receiving the energy. 

Reiki Sessions

Distance Reiki      15 Minutes       $30

Distance Reiki      30 Minutes       $50

Distance Reiki        1 Hour           $70

In-home Reiki      30 Minutes        $60

In-home Reiki        1 Hour            $80

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Reiki Trainings

Do you agree that no one should suffer, including yourself? Reiki is a technique that is natural, effective, and adaptable. Reiki is also a philosophy that can enhance your own spiritual practice.

Reiki Trainings

Reiki Level 1                        Individual                          $200

Reiki Level 1        Family/Friends (up to 4 students)           $400

Reiki Level 2                        Individual                          $250

Reiki Level 2        Family/Friends (up to 4 students)           $500

Reiki Levels 1 and 2      Healthcare Agencies      Contact for Fee


Having personally taken Reiki classes with Julie Martin, I can vouch for her sensitivity, wisdom and guidance as she shepherds new students through the process of learning Reiki for self-care and treatment upon recipients.

Judith Bortness

Reiki Teaching Master

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